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terça-feira, agosto 26, 2008


The new Poynter Online is up and running!

Now, you'll have quicker, easier access to the latest, most relevant content on the Poynter site. Take a look at what's new and try out the new features.

What's New
Improved navigation. Find what you're looking for on the Poynter site quickly and easily.
Easy access. Your Poynter favorites, such as Romenesko, Al's Morning Meeting, E-Media Tidbits, are all easily accessible.
Poynter Groups. Our new online networking feature, Poynter Groups gives you a new way to communicate with fellow journalists. You can participate in ongoing discussions on a range of topics as well as post a profile and photo.
Get Started
Explore the redesign. Get a description of the key changes, as well as an overview of the redesign and Frequently Asked Questions. Take a tour of the site redesign with this Flash video.
Update your profile. Log in at top right of any page and update your profile with your current e-mail address and mug shot. Also, join a Poynter Group to network with others in the business.
Contact us with any problems. Things not working as you expect? Let us know and we'll address it as quickly as possible and get back to you.
We look forward to continuing to serve you as a daily destination for news and conversation about journalism.

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Bill Mitchell
Director, Poynter Online