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quarta-feira, janeiro 10, 2007


O provedor do New York Times vai terminar o seu mandato em Maio. Segundo o texto referenciado do Project for Excelence in Journalism existe actualmente uma discussão no interior do jornal sobre se um novo "public editor" deve ser designado.

"In an email to the Observer, Keller wrote that “the creation of a public editor has helped the paper immensely in a period when the credibility of the media generally has been under assault,” but added that some of his colleagues now believed there might be a “diminished” need for such a person. (The Observer story circulated quickly in journalism circles, triggering an instant reaction from the Huffington Post’s Rachel Sklar who wrote that the Times “can’t afford to lose its public editor.”)

Any decision by the Times to end its public editor experiment would have, if nothing else, a psychological impact on the small, tight-knit fraternity of American news ombudsmen."

Será só na América?