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terça-feira, junho 20, 2006


Neste caso a queixa do leitor foi feita em sentido contrário ao habitual. O leitor considerou que a característica raça era importante para a notícia.

Was description too racially sensitive?

"A recent "Most Wanted" posting in The Kansas City Star did not include details about the race of suspects. One reader noted that race and gender are the two most obvious traits used for visual identification and wondered if the newspaper was afraid of offending someone if race was included in the description.

The paper's stylebook says the color of a person's skin is useful and appropriate, but only when combined with other details that distinguish the suspect from the general population. Details such as the suspects' tatoos and aliases were included, so why was race left out of this particular "Most Wanted" posting? Blame technology.

The reader saw the item on the newspaper's Web site, KansasCity.com. Photographs of the two suspects accompanied the item in print but not on the Web site. A technical glitch in the automated process that translates stories from the paper into electronic form gave the impression of oversensitivity about race."

Pode ver o caso no site da ONO.