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quinta-feira, junho 29, 2006

LÁ FORA The Guardian

Scolari stokes siege mentality as press angers Portugal

Jon Brodkin in Marienfeld
Thursday June 29, 2006
The Guardian

The lengths to which Luiz Felipe Scolari is willing to go to motivate his players for Saturday's quarter-final were highlighted yesterday when he began stoking up a siege mentality in his squad. In a move perceived by Scolari-watchers to have been prompted by the Brazilian his team's head of media, Afonso Melo, accused English newspapers of disrespecting Portugal and its squad.

Flanked by Pauleta and Nuno Valente, both of whom are set to start against England, Melo used the squad's media conference here to berate English newspapers for their treatment of Portugal. He took one paper to task for publishing what he described as fabricated Pauleta quotes criticising Paul Robinson, and said English papers had caused great offence by accusing the squad of being "violent and insubordinate".