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terça-feira, outubro 25, 2005

LÁ FORA Fotojornalismo

Os fotojornalistas têm, no Poynter, uma fonte inesgotável de imagens e reflexões.


Blogger Adrian Creffield said...

you have a pretty cool blog here another one of my favourites is a work from home moms site. Its all about, need I say it, working from home. I think people should have the choice to build their own income instead of somebody else’s. Freedom of well being and all of that...anyway take a look see what you think.

I have another blog which I've just started, I've been asking a load of people for their opinions. When I looked at your site I realised you know what your doing. My blog is www.adminsupervisor.blogspot.com I want to write stuff that people want to read about. Do you have any suggestions?? I mean blogs are really cool, so many people and so many lives, you gotta love it.

Anyways, keep it up, hope to hear from you soon :)

6:52 da tarde  

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