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quarta-feira, setembro 21, 2005


Na Argentina juntaram-se 300 conferencistas de 66 países na 6a Conferência Mundial dos Jovens Leitores, organizada pela WAN (World Association of News). Os sumários das conferências já estão on line.

Eis algumas citações, em inglês, das intervenções dos conferencistas.

"Children tend to snack on information. They have grown up with the internet which is instant and dynamic in its delivery of information. The internet is the McDonalds of information and you will only become a serious rival if you produce your own Burger King."
Steve Edwards, Publisher, Primary Times, United Kingdom

"We thought that any parent would want their children to read a newspaper. However, if the parents themselves did not read a newspaper, it was unlikely that they would advise their children to read one. This was one of our greatest disappointments."
Carlos Echeverry, Editor and Publisher, Mi Super Diario, Bolivia

"Far too often young readers are confined in a space where they are either ignored or patronized. Time has come to open this ghetto."

"How on earth can we reach youngsters if we don’t use their tools, particularly mobile phones?
Danièle Fonck, Deputy Chief Executive, Editpress Group, Luxembourg

"Press for young people must have young journalists. That’s not really so, but the newsroom must be familiar with the reader, must live with the reader. They need to understand the reader and what he is talking about."
Antoni Cases, Director, Cases i Associats, Argentina, Spain and USA

"We need to develop curiosity and learning to establish a loyalty bond and a trust bond with the reader that will allow the reading habit to be installed and provide access to the adult world."
Ricardo Kirschbaum, Editor-in-Chief, Clarin, Argentina

"No more excuses about the vehicle we have chosen to make our living. The problem is not the newspaper as a medium -- it’s in our heads. We need to constantly innovate and at times produce a true revolution in our products rather than be content with mere survival.
Marcelo Rech, Editor, Zero Hora, Brazil

"No other channel can beat a newspaper for the breadth and depth of the information is conveys, or for its ability to surprise, please and entertain. One can enjoy it wherever you are and whenever you want."

"Printed newspapers are cheap, environment-friendly, pleasant to read, provide more diversified information and in-depth analysis, and incorporate a significant element of the good life."
Antonio Dias, Executive Vice President, Norske Skog South America

"Not long ago, there wasn’t general access to Palms, PCs, internet, there were no Googles or E-Bays. We have issues in front of us (for attracting younger readers) that are substantially different than what our predecessors faced, or even ourselves just a few years ago."
Héctor Aranda, General Manager, Clarin, Argentina

"We have to move away from special supplements, sections and education inserts for the young, and to get our existing newspapers to be more youthful newspapers."
Juan Senor, Director, Innovations International Media Consulting Group, United Kingdom

"Young people are loyal to a newspaper if they learn something after reading about a subject -- it makes them smarter -- and it gives them something to talk about with friends and family."
Michael Smith, Managing Director, Media Management Center at Northwestern University, USA

"We have long believed that introducing the newspaper to young children would help create a newspaper reading habit that would last into adulthood, but we did not have the research to prove it. Now we do,"
James Abbot, Vice President, Newspaper Association of America Foundation, USA, on new research showing that children who used newspapers in classrooms are far more likely to read newspapers as adults.

"What is important is that these new tools allow the teen-agers to communicate. They want to be connected as much as possible, day or night. They leave the cellphone on their pillows when they go to sleep in case someone wants to contact them."
Evelyne Bévort, Deputy Director, CLEMI, France, on how teen-agers use new media.


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