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quinta-feira, julho 14, 2005

E LÁ FORA.....

Há blogues que falam das bombas de Londres. Segundo o site do The Times on LIne “there are about a hundred hardline jihadi websites that are used as forums for Islamists to discuss events and which, some analysts believe, have been used to pass messages. On most, the discussions are conducted in classical Arabic but a number also appear in English and in French.

For the past week the London bombs have been the main topic of discussion. The following extracts are from al-Hisbah, one of the websites concerned:

* “London put an end to the Khilafah. It is London that gave the Balfour Declaration to the Jews. It is London that has divided Palestine and occupied Iraq. Oh London, you have paid a small part of that big bill of yours for the war against Islam and the Muslims. It was God’s will to give you a taste of the pain.”

* “Yesterday Britain jumped in the air celebrating the announcement of the Olympics. Now they are flying through the air as corpses and parts of corpses. In the name of God that has raised the sky without pillars, let America and those who live with America know that they will never know security before we live that security in Palestine and before all the infidel armies leave the land of Mohammed.”

* “After the long wait and after the end of the truce offered by Osama bin Laden (God save him) and the participation of Britain in the war against Muslims and the crimes of their Army raping our women in Iraq, God has blessed us with hitting the second capital of the infidels. It is a moment to put the sorrow and sadness into the heart of the invaders and all those who ally themselves with them. We pray to God the next hit will be soon and bigger than this one. The invasion of London makes you stand in respect for the people who have done this operation. Despite the security, they succeeded in this precise operation that has uncovered a weakness in the security wall surrounding those capitals.”