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sexta-feira, julho 15, 2005


Até dia 18 ainda se pode tentar inscrever no seminário Writing about race organizado pelo Poynter em St Petersbourgh (USA).

“Writing About Race (W422)
Date Starts: 9/18/2005
Date Ends: 9/23/2005
Deadline: 7/18/2005
Tuition (includes hotel): $675.00
Who will benefit: Reporters, editors, anchors, producers, copy editors, and photojournalists in all media.
Seminar Description: In schools, courts, police districts, sporting events, and immigration offices, in office cubicles and across the back fence, issues of race are undermining, redefining, and enriching the lives of the people journalists cover. This seminar teaches you how to report and write stories about race relations that are vibrant, precise, and relevant to readers and viewers. You’ll learn how to look beyond the typical story frames that cast race relations in polarized, black-and-white terms. You’ll learn how to report on the complexities of race in a way that advances the understanding of your audience with reporting and writing that honors journalism’s ethical principles. And you’ll learn to find the stories that are deep, honest, and authentic enough to touch people.”

Outro seminário sobre Visual reporting tem o deadline a 29 de Julho.

Visual Edge: Visual Reporting (GVEA)
Date Starts: 9/10/2005
Date Ends: 9/16/2005
Deadline: 7/29/2005
Tuition (includes hotel): $875.00
Who will benefit: Still and broadcast photojournalists, picture editors, and writers who are involved with photographic reporting.
Seminar Description: This is a premier convergence forum for print and broadcast photojournalists. Participants will learn how convergence is affecting print, electronic media, and video storytelling. You’ll explore the latest improvements in multimedia photographic reporting and technology and grapple with issues related to ethical decision-making, leadership, and quality control in news coverage. All workshop participants will report a story in the Tampa Bay area using the latest equipment and software. The focus will be on reporting using still photography and audio and video tools. Work will be posted at VisualEdge.org.

Pode consultar aqui a lista completa dos seminários em 2005.