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quarta-feira, junho 15, 2005


No Público de hoje, Hugo Real, na secção Media escreve sobre a Current TV que será lançada em Agosto, nos EUA, por Al Gore, ex-vice presidente dos EUA. Num período em que o jornalismo tradicional se encontra em crise não se pode deixar de olhar com grande expectativa para o que o jornalismo participativo vai fazer nesta nova estação de televisão. O jornalismo participativo procura "a participação activa dos cidadãos no processo de recolha, reportagem, análise e divulgação de notícias e informação". Na peça do jornalista do Público lembram-se as declarações de Joel Hyatt, co-fundador da Current TV, em declarações à MTV, recordando uma frase de Orson Welles: “Não lhes dêem o que vocês pensam que eles querem. Dêem-lhes o que eles nunca pensaram ser possível".É natural que em Portugal surjam agora aqueles comentários habituais: "jornalismo é só um, se o jornalista fizer bem feito o seu trabalho também faz jornalismo participativo, etc, etc.” Argumentos recorrentes de uma sociedade que teme a inovação.

Eis um excerto que se pode lêr no sítio da Current TV:

“Current is a new, independent cable and satellite TV network. Here's what we're up to:
There's plenty to watch on TV, but as a viewer, you don't have much chance to influence or contribute to what you see. This medium - the most powerful, riveting one we have - is still a narrow vision of reality rolled out in predictable 30-minute chunks. It's still a fortress of an old-school, one-way world.
We want to bust it open.
We're rethinking the way TV is produced, programmed, and presented, so it actually makes sense to an audience that's accustomed to choice, control, and collaboration in everything else they do.
So, we're creating a network in short form. Whenever you tune in to Current, you'll see something amusing, inspiring or interesting. And then, three minutes later, you'll see something new. It'll be a video iPod stocked with a stream of short segments and set to shuffle.
We aim to connect to every facet of real life, so the rotation will include Current Soul, Current Gigs, Current Fashion, Current Lies, Current Tech, and lots more.
These segments will be anchored each hour by the Google Current: an up-to-the-second zeitgeist, a glimpse into what people around the world are searching for and talking about right now.
Finally, there's the Current Studio: our participatory production program, anchored online and open to anyone. The Studio is a cornerstone of this network, and your opportunity to produce, program, and get the word out about our network. If you jump in and get creative, you will see the results on TV.
Current launches later this year, but the Current Studio is in need of your help today. We want to start building a pipeline of your productions and getting a sense of what you want to see on-air well before launch.
We're going to work with you to take a look at what's going on in the world from a fresh perspective: yours. We are excited to begin. We think the process - and your participation - is as important as the final product.”