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sexta-feira, junho 10, 2005


NYTNo New York Times li: Little-Known Bands Get Lift Through Word-of-Blog By BRIAN MONTOPOLI, um artigo que equaciona algumas questões nas relações entre um blogue Music for Robots e o mundo da música, em especial de bandas musicais pouco conhecidas.

Diz o NYT: “This is how the Internet was supposed to help music: last year, J. P. Connolly, a science teacher in Brooklyn, heard a song by one of his students, a rail-thin 15-year-old named Oliver Ignatius, who is the lead singer for a band called the Hysterics. Mr. Connolly, who had bonded with his student over independent music, loved Mr. Ignatius's song and posted it on Music for Robots, an influential blog he helps run.

That's where Joseph Patel, an MTV News producer and regular reader of the blog, heard the song. He also loved it, and decided to put the Hysterics on the air, despite the fact that they had done little more than practice in drummer Geoff Turbeville's parents' bedroom.

After the segment was broadcast on MTV, Music for Robots (www.music.for-robots.com) found itself with a new audience: teenage girls, who had come to declare their love for the Hysterics. The band is now in talks with a major label.”